Meet the creators of Brazen Brownies

Brazen Brownies is the creation of Caroline- a passionate baker, cook & lover of all things food- inspired and supported by her partner George, the driving force and daily source of enthusiasm in the fun loving enterprise. It's a collaboration of two people sharing the same philosophy and a genuine love of brownies and what they represent.

Caroline's Story

It all started with a walk along Sunshine Beach in Noosa while on holiday with my partner George and our kids. It was at that very moment I knew it was the right time to put the dream into action.

It was later that very same day that I walked past a shop that had a plaque for sale in the window. It read: “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. Of course I bought that plaque. It has a pride of place in our house. I still look at it each day and it gives me a deep sense of gratitude that I’m being able to do what I do.

Making brownies at home with the family had always been a source of fulfillment but the idea of being able to make all kinds of brownies that people would LOVE and want more of became my focus.  

Many of the early days (and nights) involved long hours in the kitchen, creating and trialing recipe after recipe and experimenting with new ingredients and flavours. Our 3 kids were the official DTT’s – Designated Taste Testers - the harshest but most honest food critics on the planet. Brownie samples and off-cuts found their way to school for sharing with schoolmates on a daily basis. Needless to say, our kids’ popularity skyrocketed. But more importantly, seeing that people were loving our brownies and asking for more made me even more determined.

Why do you do what you do??

We are often asked “why brownies?

For us it’s really simple… we believe no other sweet does it quite like a brownie. Whether it be a well-deserved treat that you sneak in with a great coffee or pop in a lunchbox, or a delicious dessert for the family served warm with ice cream or fresh fruit, our brownies are sure to bring a smile.

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients for our brownies, all lovingly hand-made and cut, which we believe is the only way to make a true brownie. We really do want people to feel the love that we put into our brownies. 

What inspired you to create brownies?

Our vision is to create a growing assortment of brownies, ranging from well-loved classics such as our “Wicked Chocolate” (mouth-watering dark chocolate) and “Berry Blonde” (rich white chocolate and fresh raspberry), to more bold combos such as our “Sinfully Salted Caramel Peanut” (dark chocolate with rivers of hand-crafted salted caramel and peanuts) and “Cracking Coconut” (dark chocolate with golden toasted coconut). For us it is all about creating brazen flavours (hence our name!) that take your taste buds to exciting new places. We are constantly experimenting in our kitchens to develop new flavours and textures. Our new gluten-free range is something we are extremely proud of. There has been absolutely no compromise of taste, something we found was really lacking out there in the marketplace when it came to gluten-free products.

What's your favourite flavour?

While it’s impossible to resist our signature “Wicked Chocolate” for that 3pm office pick-me-up, when we are feeling a bit nutty and decadent at Brazen Brownies headquarters it’s definitely our “Sinfully Salted Caramel Peanut” that makes us dance.


Special offer

In September, when you spend $50 in store in the one transaction you get a free gift of a Brazen Brownie... flavour of your choice!


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