Bek McMillan- Creator of Gourmet Living

Why did I create Gourmet Living & why do I love teaching people how to cook?

Do you travel to country Victoria and stop in at all the small town stores along the way?

Collect produce & wine from each town?.... snacks to enjoy in your hotel room whilst travelling?

Well I do. There is no doubt about it, I'm a foodie. Always have been.

I distinctly remember in about year 8 at ELTHAM College I would see all the other students walking around in chefs uniforms. I was jealous. All I wanted to do was get into the kitchen with all the other students and cook.

Finally in year 10 when it was my turn I was extremely lucky enough to be the first year of students to use the brand new restaurant at ELTHAM College, Swipers Gully. Can you imagine..... All those free classes in the day so I could work in the restaurant at night and feed the parents and their friends. I was in my element and loving it.

After 10 years as a qualified chef and working in Australia and the UK I decided to turn my focus to Australian produce.

There are so many small business out there who make truly amazing products. These products are not going to make the shelves of the big gun supermarkets and they need stores like Gourmet Living to be able to sell their products and help their small businesses survive.

These brands are made by a range of people..... Young families, elderly, uni students, ex chefs.... People who are passionate about food and they all have a story to tell about why they started making these products.

Here at Gourmet Living I like to give as many small brands a go as I can and the best way to get people to taste these products is in my cooking classes.

Each week I love to share all this cooking knowledge that is in my head with our local community by offering cooking demonstrations on Thursday & Friday nights.

The menu's are always different and you learn 3 quick and easy meals. Throughout the course of the night you will taste over 15 products along with tastings of each course (and I can guarantee no one goes home hungry), antipasto and a glass of sparkling.

This is why I do what I do and hope you will come join me for a great evening sometime soon

Bek xx

For more information on cooking classes see here

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