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Miris Products- A Culinary journey of exotic flavours & spices from Sri Lanka

How did it all come about - a 14 Day Cooking and Cultural Tour to Sri Lanka?  It happens to most unlikely of us!

24 years in IT was all too much and as a single mum my life and family were spiraling out of control, there had to be another way.  It was purely by chance and an opportunity the universe threw at me, I recognised it and grabbed it with both hands.  A mini market in the foyer of a corporate building paved the way and Miris Products was born.  A single product that my mother made for years - a traditional Sri Lankan mustard ( creamy and seeded with hints of garlic, ginger and miris - chilli ).  It was a table full of mustard and as each potential customer tasted it, they bought it, went back to their desks opened it and had more on their sandwiches.  They came back and bought more jars as Christmas gifts for their family friends.  In one hour I sold 125 jars of Gourmet Mustard.  The emails and phone calls were daily asking for more mustard.  That was the defining moment, the business was created.  This one jar of mustard and a passion that is still today even greater than that day in the foyer of a corporate insurance building in Melbourne city.  

Who would have thought the food that we grew up with, took for granted, yet appreciated the flavours and how it was made, would perpetuate into something so special.  

My heritage is Sri Lankan, my mother is Burgher - Dutch Portuguese and my father is Sinhalese.  Growing up food was at the core of our family, traditional Sunday lunches where we gathered around with laughter and full bellies.  It was always a  special time.  My mum was happy to share her passion and her recipes and with her help, strength and courage I was able to create something so much more.....Miris Products now have 13 products in the range some of which have won awards and medals, the business won Casey Small Business of the year in 2011.  It has grown into much more than mustard, Cooking Demos, Sri Lankan Cooking Classes and the the ultimate - a Culinary Tour to Sri Lanka like no other.

In 2013 I took a group of well travelled people to Sri Lanka, a small gemstone in the Indian ocean.  The tour had been researched and planned for 12 months before, travelling to and from my birth place... it had to be right, catering for foodies and those seeking cultural enrichment, a tour like no other.  It was a complete success with the support of so many people and organisations.  

Looking forward to seeing you all at Gourmet Living..or Sri Lanka
Sonali will be promoting her Cooking Tour to Sri Lanka with some Cooking Demos at Gourmet Living on 19th and 20th February 2015. You can see the menu & book here
"My friend and l were looking for a culinary tour with a difference and we were not disappointed. Sonali’s organization and attention
to detail was excellent. We had the most amazing experience, each day was fabulous. We did not want to come home, and will
definitely be going again with Sonali. Sri Lanka is an unspoiled destination and so welcoming to travelers. We have been cooking
constantly since our return." ~ Fiona


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