Gourmet Living Manningham Retail Business of the Year 2014

I am so pleased to be able to share with all of you this exciting news.

Last Tuesday evening the Manningham Business Excellence Awards were held. It was a fantastic evening which showcased the amazing businesses of our community.

We were very lucky to be crowned the Retail Business of the year. To be recognised as a business that is making a difference in the community is extremely rewarding after only 2 year of business.

Gourmet Living is more that a deli or providore store. To me, it is a place where local products get showcased and their stories told. These products are from small businesses where their passionate owners spend years crafting these local delights. Without stores like Gourmet Living all of these small businesses and their brands would get lost amongst the big guys. I am an advocate for each and every one of these local brands and nothing pleases me more that educating my cooking class attendees on how to use them in delicious meals and why we should choose these brands over the others.

When accepting the award the other night I thanked each and everyone of you, because without all of you continuing to return each week and bringing your wonderful friends with you, Gourmet Living may also have gotten lost amongst the big guys.

So thank you, to all of you and here's to where Gourmet Living can take you in 2015!

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